Burials in Kensington, 1735 through 1997

This list of burial records was compiled by Kensington Historical Society members from all known cemetery records in the town of Kensington. It includes the Upper Yard, the Lower Yard, the Dearborn Annex and all the small family cemeteries for which records can be found. The information from the records was checked against that on the gravestones, and a number of additions and corrections were made. An asterisk (*) following the name of a cemetery means that no grave marker was found in the given location.

The digitization of this index is a work in progress. As the records are scanned, we will add them to this site.

The scanned PDFs are full text searchable.

The compilers of this list were:

Seth Perry
Margaret Perry
Sally Head
Joan Webber
Andrea Swift
Linda Bennett

Burials in Kensington, A – B
(PDF document)

Burials in Kensington, C – E

Burials in Kensington, F – I

Burials in Kensington, J – O

Burials in Kensington, P – S

Burials in Kensington, T – Z



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