Strategic Plan

KPL Strategic Plan

We are pleased to announce that we have completed our Strategic Plan for the Kensington Library, our work with a 12-person committee for the past several months.  This initiative was begin for two principal reasons—to ensure the library’s continuing quality of service to the citizens of Kensington and to help prepare to recognize the library’s 125th anniversary in 2020.  As you know, the world of books and publishing has significantly changed in the past several years and thus so has the place and purpose of libraries in our communities.   The digital revolution has changed the way the public reads and receives information, while at the same time young people and adults are increasingly coming together to explore ideas and discuss issues of common interest, both of which have influenced the look of libraries and the services they provide.

We would love residents of all ages to come together to discuss the plan.    We see this as an opportunity to bring the community together and to offer ways in which individuals and groups might help us in our mission to ensure the library remains as vital to Kensington citizens as it has in the past.   The goals we’ve established cannot be achieved through the work of only the library staff and its trustees.  Rather, the plan is based on the assumption that the library’s future as a significant community resource will best be achieved through a collaborative effort of many Kensingtonians who share in the vision and the mission described in the report.

For this reason, won’t you join us on Sunday, December 3 from 3-5 PM in the Library’s Sawyer Room to discuss the exciting ideas and directions the committee has envisioned.  We hope at that time to amplify the goals outlined in the Strategic Plan, hear reactions from friends of the library and begin more concrete planning for the library’s future.   Refreshments will be served.


Join the Kensington Public Library as it looks towards its 125th Anniversary and plans for a vital future for our community!

In 2020 the Kensington Public Library will celebrate its 125th year in its present location providing its patrons with free access to information and materials. The library traces its history to 1767 when the first library was formed as “The Social Library of Kensington” and has been serving the community out of the same brick building that Joseph Hilliard donated in 1895.

We have recently initiated a Strategic Planning Process for the future direction of the library and the role it plays in the town.  A committee representing a cross-section of the town has been formed to achieve these goals, but we want Kensington residents (both library and non-library users) to help us make the library a place that can be an integral part of the community for all!