Friends Books and Plant Sale

We still have lots of heirloom tomatoes on the Library’s porch for you to buy.  They are  $2.50 each (honor system…leave money in the slot.) We will also be at the Grange on Monday, May 26th during the Memorial Day Parade selling books and plants.

Borrow a Telescope!

STAR GAZE IN YOUR BACKYARD! BORROW OUR NEW ORION TELESCOPE.   The New Hampshire Astronomical Society and Astronomy Magazine have made it possible for Kensington Library to own and rent out an Orion Star Blast Telescope for you and your family to use for star gazing! Please come in and sign up to take out […]

Library Value Calculator

Calculate how much the Library is saving you. Libraries throughout the state of New Hampshire offer a variety of entertainment and educational materials to taxpayers at a very economical rate. The average New Hampshire taxpayer contributes about $26 in taxes per year to fund public libraries and their services.1 But how much would they need […]