“Matryoshka Russian nesting dolls”

and Storytelling

A special program for adults, teens and families with children 6 and up!

Saturday, March 22nd from 10am – 1pm

A wonderful way to learn hands-on about a different culture!

 Learn about the rich Russian folk tradition of Matryoshka (wooden nesting doll) painting techniques. Leave  the workshop having produced a finished piece of Russian folk art on wood!  Parents and grandparents are encouraged to participate with their children to make family teams working on 7- piece, 5-piece or 3-piece doll sets!

Presenter Marina Forbes is an award-winning artist, lecturer and historian who has written extensively on Russian traditional arts, history and its rich culture.

There is no tuition fee. Marina will provide acrylic paints and brushes for this 3-hour workshop. 7-piece, 5-piece, 3-piece and 1-piece pre-designed Matryoshka sets will be available for purchase. These options are available:

                                           1-piece pre-designed doll                        $10, $12, $15, $17, $20 and $25

                               2-piece pre-designed doll                      $30
                               3-piece pre-designed doll                      $35 and $40

                               4-piece pre-designed doll                      $50

                               5-piece pre-designed doll                  $55

Please pre-register calling 772-5022 or emailing us at

Saturday, March 19th at 7PM

(cosponsored with the Kensington Historical Society and possible through a grant by the New Hampshire Humanities Council)

“Matryoshka Nesting Dolls”

  • · Fully illustrated show andnumerous exhibits     
  • · The interesting link between doll making and other traditional Russian art forms.


  • · A quick stop at the 1900 World Fair in Paris that made Russian nested dolls and Fabergé eggs famous      


  • · An exciting illustrated tour of a working nested doll-making factory in rural Russia, depicting the various stages in the doll making process. 


  • · A glorious show of hundreds of examples of the finest artwork available in Russia.











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