Meeting Rooms

As part of its service to the town’s residents, the Kensington Public Library provides meeting space for non-profit, non-commercial community groups whose aims are educational, civic, or cultural.  The applicant requesting use of the meeting room must be an adult resident of Kensington. All meetings must be open to the public, and attendance is limited to 49 people in the Sawyer Room or 20 people in the Children’s Room.

No solicitation of any kind is permitted, whether of money, goods or services, or of membership in, support of, or petitions on behalf of, any cause or party. No admission fees or fundraising (except for events sponsored by the Library of the Friends of the Library) will be permitted. Granting permission for use of the library in no way constitutes endorsement by the Staff or Board of Trustees of the organization using the facility or its purpose. Publicity may not state or infer that the library is a sponsor or co-sponsor of a meeting or that the library endorses the group’s policies or beliefs.

Applications may be obtained at the Library, and permission to use the meeting area will be granted by the Library Director on a first come, first served basis.  Scheduling of library sponsored events will be given priority.

If the meeting is to take place when the library is closed, the applicant must arrange to pick up the library key during normal library operating hours.  The key must be returned through the library book drop immediately after the meeting.

Light refreshments may be served; alcohol by prior permission only. Smoking is NOT allowed in the Library. No candles or lighted materials are allowed.  The library staff is not available to assist in rearranging seating, carrying supplies, operating equipment, serving food, or cleaning up.

No library equipment shall be used without the permission of the Library Director. No library displays or artifacts are to be disturbed.

Children’s groups must have adequate supervision. If the meeting includes children under the age of 18, they must be supervised by one adult for every 10 minors. Craft activities may be done in the Children’s Room only.

The person who reserves the meeting room is responsible for leaving the meeting room in the condition it is found at the time of meeting. Library facilities must be left in a clean and orderly fashion, and furnishings returned to their original position.  When leaving the Library at the end of the meeting, the person responsible must ensure that all doors are locked, lights are out, heat is lowered in winter, and key is returned. If key is not returned, the group will be responsible for the cost of re-keying the building. Users of the meeting room will be liable for the costs of any repair of damages or any additional maintenance services. The Library is not responsible for materials/equipment left in the building.

The Library Trustees reserve the right to revoke meeting room privileges for cause.

The Kensington Public Library reserves the right to amend these policies as the Board of Trustees may deem appropriate.

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees Jan. 20, 2010

To request use of a meeting room:

Call or email the library to find out if a room is available. Then print out and sign and date a copy of ourKensington Public Library Meeting Room Policyand bring it to the library.